Chabad officially stays out of politics except when Jewish lives and the very soil of the Jewish Holy Land are at immediate stake, as is the unfortunately blatant case today. Mobile Mitzvah Centers is of the conservative, common-sense belief of peace through strength, deterrence, and a relentless, punishing military response to terrorism.

We believe that Israel’s enemies must be crushed to the point of offering peace of their own volition, on Israel’s terms, rather than empowering and motivating them by trusting them without a track record of peace and with a track record of hatred, violence and repeatedly broken promises.

We also believe that the government of Israel’s respectful refusal to accede to American, European and international peace-making demands will not only not result in economic and military isolation, but engender the opposite: respect for a firm stance, expressed by continued and expanded support, in woeful contrast to Israel’s contemporary weakness.

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