Mobile Mitzvah Centers of Israel serves as a vehicle of Jewish unity, going the distance to drive home the community of Jewishness to those most distant from it: supporting IDF soldiers on the front lines, discreetly delivering food and clothing to the needy with dignity, educating and spiritually nourishing neglected communities, and supporting new immigrants, all with the legendary Mitzvah Tank RVs and an array of educational, community outreach and social services programs across the State of Israel.

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Mobile Mitzvah Centers - Israel
What Makes Us Tick?
Why Mitzvah "Tank"?
A Mitzvah Tank entered in to Gush Katif

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An Israeli Defense Forces soldier stands guard on the front lines. Click here to learn more about our support for the IDF

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- Outreach to the IDF Soldiers
- Food Distribution Program for the Poor
- Youth Education
- Community Outreach
- Center and Ulpan for Russian Immigrants
- Jewish Pride and Morale Boosting
Support, Provide, Educate, Empower, Inspire