All Non-Profit All the Way

Even after each Mitzva Tank is purchased, imported, converted and equipped, its ongoing annual operation costs $163,800. Add to this the Holiday outreach activities of Purim Pesach Shavous Rosh Hashanna Succos and the nationwide parades of Chanuka and Lag b’Omer, the total is $1,500,000 for the entire fleet of seven tanks.

Even though Mitzva Tanks provide abundant social and community support, this project is not supported by government funding. We operate exclusively through donations from private individuals worldwide. We consider our donors fellow soldiers, comrades united through passionate support for Jewish life in Israel. Mobile Mitzva Centers is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, eligible for charitable giving tax deductions. To donate now, visit The Mitzva Tanks are on their way; YOUR SUPPORT will bring them home; that is to the home of each and every Jewish family.